Growing Space.  It’s hard to come by, especially in the city.  Here’s a way to maximize indoor growing space for seed starts or other plants using trashed materials. 

What you need: Used plastic soda or water bottles, popped bicycle tubes, nails, window with good sunlight,  scissors, hammer, electric drill (optional) 

Step 1:  Start by cutting the plastic bottles in half, leaving a good 2 to 3 inches on the bottom half.  Since you’ll be using the bottom half as the planter, be sure to cut off any taper at the top of it. (This makes it easier to remove the start when you want to re-pot it.)

Step 2: Drill or cut 2 small holes in the bottom of the planter.  This is important because it allows the soil to drain.

 Step 3: Cut 2 small holes on opposite sides of the planter, about a 1/4 ” from the top.  These will be used to hang the planter.

 Step 4: Cut a bicycle tube in half long ways and wash the inside with soap and water (you will find a white powdery residue in there) Then cut a long, thin strip, about 1/8 ” thick, from the tube.  Depending on the height of your window, and how you want the planter to hang, you can shorten the length of the strip, or make it longer by tying two together. 


Step 5: Attach the strip of tube to the planter by looping it through the holes on the sides and tying it securely.

Step 6: Add potting mix to planter, moisten with water, and plant seed(s).

Step 7: Make a nail hook by hammering a nail halfway in to the wooden frame at the top of the window, and  hang the planter on the hook. 

Step 8: Repeat.  You can fill up your window with several planters hanging at different lengths, creating a curtain-like effect.  In my window, I made four hooks and hung three plants from each hook, adjusting the length of the bike tube so that each planter hung about 4-5 inches lower than the one above it.