My name is Emily, and I like garbage.  I live in Philadelphia, PA, USA, which like any city, is a verifiable smorgashbord for trash pickers.  You can usually find me rifling through dumpsters at construction sites, or digging through my neighbor’s bins on the eve of trash day (my favorite time of the week).  I love the spontaneity, the excitement of a great find.  The patience required, and the reward when you finally come across that thing you’ve been looking for for free on the sidewalk.  I like designing useful and beautiful things out of stuff deemed ‘useless’. 

In terms of the big picture, to trash pick is to practice a lost art.  In contrast to re-using and salvaging, the order of today is cheap throw away goods, driven by a societal obsession with the ‘new’.  I see trash picking as a form of protest-  a way of pushing back against an unsustainable throw away culture.  It’s a way of modeling an alternative way of living and creating.